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Why CleanMaster Sydney

Why CleanMaster Sydney

1. What type of security procedures are in place?

Security checks. We sign confidentiality agreements with CleanMaster

2. Are any service guarantees?

Full performance guarantees

3. What king of chemicals will be used in my building?

Petroleum and solventent cleaning products avoided where possible

4. What king of follow-up services will I get?

3 Stage follow programme to monitor cleaning performance

5. Who does the cleaning?

We are husband and wife owner operator with highly motivated and well trained.

6. What sort of equipment will be used?

The most efficient equipment available

7. Are the cleaners trained?

High experience in cleaning

8. What’s the price like

One of the most competitive in the marketplace

9. We really want your business!

We want to win your business. We’re prepared to put a lot of effort into discussing your cleaning requirements, surveying your premises and ultimately presenting a thorough and – we hope – compelling proposal. You can start by calling us on 0414 073 103.

No pushy salespeople, no pressure. Just a useful, professional discussion that we hope you’ll find helpful.



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Choosing the right cleaning services can be difficult. Clean Master Sydney make a simple promise. We treat you exactly how we would like to be treated if we were clients. Let us help, plan and manage your cleaning budget to achieve your total cleaning needs. CONTACT US NOW !!!